The Hit Studio

The Hit Studio

ATL Services are provided through our brand The Hit Studio

The Hit Studio has broadened its horizon by delivering numerous other media services such as; audio production, video production, interactive voice response, value added services and event coverages that enabled us to expand our client base.

Audio Production:

The HIT Studios now proudly delivers the service of audio production which includes sound design, sound editing, audio mixing, master recording and addition of effects. With the latest technology and expertise, we produce quality audio that ensures audience engagement!

Video Production:

We are providing all three stages of video production to make our service holistic; preproduction, production and post-production. Our office is fully equipped to provide the clients with exceptional services. Your own ideas will be successfully executed or our experienced team can help the clients with creative concepts. Editing, color correction, sound design, mixing, digital effects are also an integral part of post-production services that the HIT Studios are offering.

Interactive Voice Response and Value Added Services:

Automated attendant service makes it feasible for the clients to communicate with the operators and stay updated on the latest services being offered by The Hit Studios. Since Pakistan has a vast telecommunication industry so The Hit Studios would like to capitalize on that by providing value added services to this industry. Some of the main VAS’s we are providing are; live streaming, sports and infotainment, promote special offerings and mass broadcast.

Event Coverages:

The Hit Studios offer another dynamic service of photography and videography for all type of events ranging from corporate to private.

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